Choosing Right Muscial Instruments For You

Muscial Instruments

Music instruments were around me in one form or another all my life. My first introduction to music as is in the case for most infants was the sound of my mother’s voice.

I was fortunate also to have a father who loved to sing. Later I was exposed to violin through my father and guitar, organ and drums through my uncles. It wasn’t until my teenage years that my interest in playing guitar increased. Most of my friends didn’t really appreciate the violin. Drums and organ were too big to carry around.

It wasn’t until I was in my mid-twenties that I began to enjoy playing music not because it helped my social interactions but because of the way it made me feel. I fell in love with the sound.

I wanted to know more about how music impacted life. It opened up a virtual menagerie to experiences others shared. Millions of people around the world without any limitations have expressed their passions, their love and their hate through music. Music has the ability to liberate the heart and soothe tears. It can also grasp the imagination in its talons and render the heart into pieces. It can bring agony and ecstasy.

It seems that like a good wine, appreciation for musical instruments grows with age and matures. Parents sometimes, not always, because of their age and experience have a deeper appreciation for music. However, they soon find out that this appreciation cannot be forced on their children. Music requires mental focus and an open heart. Too much discipline closes the heart, and too little discipline closes the doors to play music.

Finding that narrow, effective range between the discipline of the mind and openness of the heart is a challenge. When looking to find the right musical instrument to play, keep this in mind. Which instrument can bring more harmony to your heart and mind?